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The Henley Educational Trust has helped the young people of Henley with their educational needs over many years.
We are registered with the Charity Commission. Registration Number 309237

Individual and Institutional

Grants for Educational Needs

We help individual pupils with grants towards a variety of school-based needs including; musical tuition, school uniform, school educational trips and sporting activities.

We also give grants to the state schools and The Henley College on an annual basis, based on pupil numbers and a larger grant to the Henley Partnership of Schools to be shared amongst Gillotts and the primary schools for specific shared projects.


Supporting the Community

Another way we are able to help is by awarding grants to clubs and groups working with young people from Henley. These have included NOMAD, the Henley youth festival, and a variety of sports clubs.

One very exciting project we have sponsored for several years is an A Capella group visiting the state primaries to give a number of workshops over several weeks. This then culminates in a concert allowing over 100 pupils to take part to show off their talents. It is a great event and it is a pleasure to see all the pupils singing together.

2024 Meetings

Upcoming Meetings of the Henley Educational Trust

Last Date for Receipt of Paperwork Meeting DateĀ 
8th February 2024 Monday 12th February 2024
14th March 2024 Monday 18th March 2024
16th May 2024 Monday 20th May 2024
20th June 2024 Monday 24th June 2024
19th September 2024 Monday 23rd September 2024
17th October 2024 Monday 21st October 2024
21st November 2024 Monday 25th November 2024