Free School Meals

Financial support for families.

Child Poverty Response

Child poverty is defined by the government as living in a household earning 60% of the median income of £27,000, which is currently the equivalent of £16.190. Families who have an income less than this are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM).

To provide equal opportunities in education, the trust has recognised that FSM recipients can be defined as needy under our constitution and eligible for financial support.

New FSM Dedicated Forms

Our new FSM Grant Application Form has been reduced in size, and only requires FSM entitlement verification. This can be confirmed by an attached FSM entitlement letter from the parent/guardian or the school/academy bursar certifying on the form they have checked the online checking system of the Department of Education and confirmed they are entitled to FSM. This can be used for school uniform, shoes, residential school trips, etc. The applicant will still have to pay the deposit for the residential school trips as before.

The FSM Bulk Individual Grant Application Form is available for school bursars and can be used for educational school events such as theatre excursions, field trips and museum visits, etc., for their FSM students, up to £40 for each event. The bursar again provides the FSM verification certifying on the form they have confirmed eligibility using the online checking system.