Management of Income

Distribution of income of approx. £125,000 per annum is divided three ways.

Income Distribution

The charity has assets of around 3.7 million pounds which brings in an income of about one hundred and fifty thousand pounds a year After deductions for administration and professional fees necessary to run the charity, this normally brings in a disposable income of about one hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds which is disposed of in the following manner.

This income is divided three ways in under the following three sections:

Section 2

Special Benefits

Special Benefits The schools/college in our area are able to apply for a Special Benefits Grant to buy additional educational resources for their facility.

Section 3

Individual Grants

A third is available for individual grants to persons under 25 years. Where all the money is not used up the remainder goes into Section 4 for distribution.

Section 4

Organisational Grants

This can be used for any educational use considered to be of value by the trustees within our charter which states:

“The trustees should apply the residue of the said yearly income in promoting in such ways as they think fit the education of children and persons under the age of 25, who are resident in the area of benefit or who are attending or have for not less than two years at any time attended and of the said county or voluntary schools or colleges.”