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The Henley Educational Trust has existed in one form or another since 1604 from various endowments, to provide confidential Local Educational support for needy families in the Henley Area. We are registered with the Charity Comission. Registration Number 309237

Payment of Grants

It is the policy of the trust to make payments by cheque directly to the organisation and not to the individual. ie playgroup, school, club, music tutor.


Clients of the charity can be sure of complete confidentiality in the processing of personal information during your enquiries, consideration process by the trustees and grant procedure. For this reason any meetings of the trustees are closed to the public.

Data Protection

Henley Educational Trust complies with all applicable Data Protection legislation. Read our Privacy Notice to understand how we will use and look after personal data and for details of individual rights.


The charity is registered with the Charity Commission and managed by 11 Trustees that consists of:

  • Two Ex-officio Trustees
  • Three Nominative Trustees
  • Six Co-optative Trustees

Three Nominative Trustees

Trustees are appointed for a term of four years. These are:

  • Two appointed by Henley Town Council
  • One by The Oxfordshire Education Committee

Co-optative Trustees

They are appointed for a term of five years. The Co-optative Trustees are persons who through residence, occupation or employment, or otherwise have special knowledge of the area of benefit. We also include some trustees with the financial and legal knowledge to assist with the running of the trust.

Our Trustees

The current Trustees for the Henley Educational Trust

Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Mr C Homent

Chair of Trustees

Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Mrs Isobel Morrow MBE


Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Mrs Maureen Smith


Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Mr W Parrish

Vice Chair

Elizabeth Hodgkin Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Elizabeth Hodgkin


Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Mrs Claire Brown

Clerk to the Trustees

Amanda Heath Henley Educational Trust Trustee

Amanda Heath